The HySA Family

The HySA PADEP programme works closely with the three established centres of competence to ensure that the public is constantly updated and provided with information regarding the status of research and development in the HFCT field. The centres of competence falling within the HySA framework include the following:

HySA Systems

The HySA Systems Integration & Technology Validation Competence Centre is hosted by the University of the Western Cape and located at the South African Institute for Advanced Materials Chemistry. The centre focuses on three main areas: Combined Heat and Power; Portable Power and Fuel Cell Vehicles.

HySA Catalysis

The HySA Catalysis Competence Centre is co-hosted by University of Cape Town and MINTEK. The major focus of research and development is on the fuel cell and fuel-processor catalysts and catalytic devices.

HySA Infrastructure

The HySA Infrastructure Competence Centre is co-hosted by North West University and CSIR. The main research and development focus is technology development for hydrogen production, storage and delivery.