Facility Tours

The purpose of a facility tour is to raise awareness of the science taking place at key South African research institutions or facilities by reaching a diverse group of audiences. The tour is structured in two parts: the first being an audivisual presentation, which aims to familiarise the viewer with the science behind the technology, its origins, potential applications and risks. The second, a physical tour, will be conducted in the labs with the aim to encourage engagement with the South African centre and to look for opportunities to support or collaborate with the work done there. The second part of the tour is conducted by the facility researchers trained in science communication.  Numerous educational materials are developed to assist the visitors and these include posters of facility research activities, fact sheets and hand outs and the video mentioned earlier.

The objectives of the HySA PADEP facility tours are therefore to:

  • Raise awareness around hydrogen and fuel cell technologies;
  • Educate the public on, and enhancing their understanding of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies;
  • Create opportunities for collaboration between facilities and the industry; and
  • Stimulate interest in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies as a career by exposing learners and educators to the tour to understand hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and meet the scientists and researchers.