Information & Dialogue Sessions

The Science Communication Unit drives various interventions targeted at the media and researchers. At these events media personnel are introduced to scientists or researchers and provided with the necessary support to enable them to report scientific content accurately to the public. The overall objectives of these sessions are to:

  • Disseminate information about the research activities in South Africa;
  • Profile South African scientists/organisations in a particular research discipline;
  • Inform society across all sectors, including industry, policy makers, youth and civil society, of local and international research activities;
  • Create awareness around opportunities for industry and research collaborations to grow the sector;
  • Generate public awareness and engagement;
  • Encourage and develop scientists/researchers to be able to communicate science with all levels of stakeholders, not limited to peer communities.

The following interventions aim to improve the media and scientists/researchers relationship which in turn help to ensure that the communication of science is accurate.

Media Round Table – MRT

Media Round Tables (MRTs) are interactive media briefings  involving a cross section of relevant stakeholders to enable all perspectives or viewpoints to be expressed and discussed in equal standing. MRTs further help to bridge the communication divide between researchers/scientists and the media, which is often responsible for the poor quality and quantity of accurate media reporting.

Critical Thinker Forums – CTFs

Critical Thinker Forums are targeted at academics, industry and government with the aim of creating a worthwhile platform for collaborations among key players in the National System of Innovation and also for contributions towards new policy development.