HYSA PADEP: informing the public about hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. encouraging industries to invest in hydrogen and fuel cell technology. ensuring optimal exposure of fuel cells.

A very warm welcome to our stakeholders who include the Department of Science and Technology (DST), the DST l HySA Centres of Competencies (CoCs), Researchers and Scientists, Industry, Postgraduate Students, Science Centres, Educators and Learners and other equally important contributors in the National System of Innovations (NSI) who are contributing to the realization of the Hydrogen Economy in South Africa.

HySA Catalysis

The HySA Catalysis Competence Centre‘s major focus of research and development is on the fuel cell and fuel-processor catalysts and catalytic devices.

HySA Systems

The HySA Systems Integration and Technology Validation Competence Centre focuses on three main areas: combined heat and power, portable power and fuel cell vehicles.

HySA Infrastructure

The HySA Infrastructure Competence Centre‘s main research and development focus is technology development for hydrogen production, storage and delivery.